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Key Terms
Eligible Training Providers (ETP):
Approved providers of training eligible to receive reimbursement for education programs funded through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Many Eligible Training Providers are degree granting post-secondary educational institutions, for-profit training schools, or organizations that participate in the U.S. government’s Registered Apprenticeship Program. In order to be approved as Eligible Training Providers, organizations must apply for approval through a Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB).
Workforce Investment Boards (WIB):
Appointed by state governors to direct federal, state, and local funding to workforce development initiatives, perform research on current and future workforce needs by industry sector, and oversee the network of America’s Job Centers.
Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIB):
Representatives from local businesses, community colleges, and often labor unions appointed by mayor and other senior elected officials to ensure business needs of community are well represented statewide. LWIBs positions are often voluntary; primary responsibilities include reviewing applications on Eligible Training Providers and making decisions on how funding is to be used.
Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA):
Federal legislation specifying processes and procedures that provide access to training and employment services for a range of workers, including low-income workers, disadvantaged youth, and the unemployed. To receive WIA funding to participate in training programs, participants must apply through regional America’s Job Centers (formerly known as One-Stop Career Centers). To provide training – and receive reimbursement for training services – organizations that wish to be Eligible Training Providers must apply through Local Workforce Investment Boards and follow protocols established by state governors.
Key Website Resources
Congressional committee overseeing federal education and workplace policy program legislation. Currently chaired by John Kline (R-Minn.)
The Democratic minority members of the Committee maintain a separate website and are led by George Miller (D-CA)
Senate committee with jurisdiction over issues related to education and workforce development, including Higher Education, Job and Vocational Training and the Workforce Investment Act. Chaired by Tom Harkin (D-IA), minority Ranking Member Lamar Alexander (D-TN)
Provides access to current and recent pending Congressional legislation for labor and employment – including bill history, current status and projected estimates of probability of legislation passing.
Nonprofit research and policy institute that studies the link between education, career qualifications, and workforce demands. Affiliated with Georgetown’s Public Policy Institute.
Advocacy organization with goal of providing “every worker, every industry” with skills necessary to prosper. The NSC closely monitors and reports on workforce development funding allocations, proposed and pending legislation, and the effect of current policies on the American Workforce.
Site that provides access to searchable state-by-state listings of Eligible Training Providers currently authorized to provide training through the Workforce Investment Act